Business Consulting Business Consulting NICC provides various business consulting services to help organizations improve their performance and efficiency. Our professionals analyze businesses and create solutions while also helping companies meet their goals. VIEW DETAILS Business Advisory Business Advisory We focus on strategizing for the success and growth of our clients business. Our advisor teams are a hybrid of business coaches, mentors and executives. Examining previous trends and combining them with forecasts, we ask our clients high quality questions and dig deep into their businesses. VIEW DETAILS Special Events Special Events NICC's special events sector of the industry broadly consists of specifically tailored business, public and government events. They are considered ‘special’ events because they are outside of the host’s normal business, program, or activity; while some are purely celebratory, many are held for the purpose of marketing, advertising, promotion, and sales. VIEW DETAILS Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship NICC is committed to develop cross-border entrepreneurship programs and serves owners and managers of Norwegian and Israeli business enterprises through various activities so they can be better equipped to more effectively building and scaling their businesses in order to generate maximum profits. VIEW DETAILS Assurance, Tax and Advisory Services Assurance, Tax and Advisory Services In an increasingly challenging environment, we support complicated processes function, adjust and develop so that they can serve people and community – whether they be financial markets, tax structures or the economic systems through which industry and community operate. Our consultants help our customers make sound choices and operate efficiently within them. VIEW DETAILS
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